Tables, Chairs & Accessories

Jamestown Awning offers tables, chairs, dance floors, staging, lighting and much more to make us your only stop for rentals. See our extensive rental inventory below.

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8’ Long Rectangular Tables- Seat 8
60” Round Tables – Seat 8
Bistro/ Cocktail Tables
Table Top Bar Risers- (Attach to Banquet Table)

White Padded Wedding Chairs
Black Folding Chairs

Inside & Outside Available
Occupancy ranging from 50-300+ guests
Sizes range from 12’x12’ to 24’x24’

Available in size ranging from 4’x8’ to 12’x24’

Tent fans large and small to circulate air.
Large tent heaters and mushroom heaters available.

Twinkle Lights
Globe and Work Lights

66” Wide x 84” High x 32” Deep

Solid Side Wall (included with tent rental)
Cathedral Window Wall (available at an additional charge).
Clear Wall (available at an additional charge).