Jamestown Awning offers a number of services to complement our Awning and Tent business. We take great pride in our services and maintenance.

Awning & Porch Enclosure Service:

Awning Installation: Our technicians are trained to properly install your awnings. Proper installation is key to extending the life of your awning.
Awning Take Down: Generally patio awning frames can stay up all year round. Covers are removed to avoid any damage to the fabric or frame which can be caused by excessive snow load. Window awnings are also taken down in the fall to add or allow more light into your home and extend the life of your awning.
Porch Enclosure Installation: Your porch enclosure is installed professionally each fall to ensure your home is fully protected.
Porch Enclosure Take Down: Porch enclosures are taken off in spring after the threat of inclement weather is gone.
Porch Enclosure & Awning Storage: All awnings and porch enclosures are taken down and hung to dry before being placed in our rodent free, dry, and secure facility.


Awning Inspection: We will notify you if our technicians identify any major repairs that need to be preformed. You may also contact the office if you would like your awnings or porch enclosure inspected.
Repairs: During the storage period of your awning or porch enclosure we take pride in making any necessary repairs requested or seen by our technicians.
Washing & Waterproofing: After your awnings are washed they need to be waterproofed to restore its water repellency.
Frame Repair & Refurbishing: Jamestown Awning can make any frame repairs or adjustments that may be necessary.

Jamestown Awning also offers these services to non-service customers. We will do our best to repair, wash or waterproof any cloth item. For inquiries please call our offices at (716) 483-1435 to have your item looked at by one of our trained staff.

Before Awning was cleaned

After Awning was cleaned

Drying awnings

Rolled up awnings

Clean vs. Dirty

Sewing awning

Welding frame repair

Scrubbing awning